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25th November 2015    
Shop hours are Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm and Saturday 9.00am to 2.00pm. We are not open on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. There may be occasional changes to these times owing to staffing levels, holidays etc - these will be posted here.  We will be closed on Saturday  28th November (workshop open as usual)
The workshop is usually open on Tuesday (ring bell on side door), Wednesday and Thursday 10.00 -  6.00 and Saturday 9.00 - 2.00 but phone to confirm on Graham's direct line 01462 421402.
We only have in stock a small selection of the listed instruments and accessories so please check before making a special journey!
All secondhand instruments are fully checked over and set up in the workshop to ensure they are in good playing order (unlike wind instruments purchased on auction sites which often need large amounts spending to put them into good playing order - beware!).

Every secondhand instrument is listed on the website secondhand list with a high quality photo. The secondhand list is revised daily (but please phone before journeying to look at a specific instrument!). All secondhand instruments have been checked over and are in good playing order. Follow us on Twitter (see below) for updates whenever an interesting secondhand instrument comes in.

Instruments currently in stock include Leblanc, Buffet, Yamaha, Selmer, Noblet, Duval, Hammerschmidt, Cabart, Armstrong, Bettoney, Boosey and Hawkes, Buisson and Louis clarinets (Bb, A, Eb and alto); Rudall Carte, Azumi, Jupiter, Yamaha, Allen, FMG, Trevor James, Pearl, Gemeinhardt and Monnig flutes (wood, silver plated, silver head, silver, bass); Selmer, Yamaha, Buescher, Martin, Conn, Jupiter, Trevor James, Elkhart, Buffet, Earlham, King, Fremont, Mauriat, Holton, Champion  and Yanagisawa saxophones (soprano, alto, tenor and baritone); lots of sax mouthpieces; Adler, Fox, Monnig, Moosman and B&H bassoons; Yamaha, Buffet, B&H, Howarth, Noblet, Triebert and Ward and Winterbourn oboes; Yamaha, Bach, Olds, DEG, Holton, Besson, Stomvi, Reynolds and Jupiter trumpets;  Yamaha, Selmer, DEG and Jupiter cornets; Bach Stradivarius, B&H, Martin, Olds, Conn, Yamaha, Holton, Blessing and Lafleur trombones, Holton, Danor and Conn french horns etc. etc.

Secondhand instruments recently arrived include:
Moosman 222 bassoon                 
Adler 25 key bassoon               
Buffet R13 A clarinet
Buffet RC Bb clarinet

Sovereign 944 trombone
King 3B trombone                 
Anborg compensator french horn
Gemeinhardt solid silver flute
Buffet B12 Bb clarinet
Trevor James Virtuoso flute
B&H 400 bassoon
Ward & Winterbourn TW1 oboe
Olds Recording trumpet
Jupiter tenor horn
Buffet Artist oboe                 
Yamaha YTS32 tenor saxophone
Leblanc Opus Bb clarinet x 2
King Zephyr tenor saxophone
Yamaha YTS61 tenor saxophone
Yamaha YCL CX clarinet
B&H 1010 Bb clarinet
Buffet R13 C clarinet
JP bass clarinet
Pearl ST-700E flute
Yamaha YPC62 piccolo
Azumi A2200E flute
Yanagisawa S901 soprano saxophone
Yamaha YSS62 soprano saxophone
Conn 6M Naked Lady alto saxophone
Selmer S80 II tenor saxophone
Yamaha YOB421 oboe
Yamaha YHR664 french horn
Besson Prestige euphonium
Olds Super Star Bb/F trombone
Trevor James Cantabile flute
Jupiter 769 alto saxophone (x4)
Selmer Reference 54 tenor saxophone
Selmer Reference 54 Hummingbird alto saxophone
If you have an instrument you are looking to sell please get in touch and we can talk about the options available to you. We do not normally purchase second hand instruments but sell on behalf of customers deducting a commission in the event of a successful sale. Secondhand instruments are selling very well at present and we desperately need more on the shelf!

Our rental scheme offers 4 months rental of a flute, cornet, trumpet, clarinet or trombone for 50 plus a 50 refundable deposit; curved head flute for 60 plus 60 deposit and alto saxophone for 100 plus 100 deposit. Should you decide to purchase you may deduct the first rental payment and the deposit from the price of the instrument rented.


Our ebay shop   currently has many items of interest. Have a look NOW as there are many unrepeatable bargains here!

Following the sad closure of Hitchin's guitar shop Machinehead Music we now stock a basic selection of guitar stuff - instruments, cases, straps, strings, picks etc. etc. Phone for details.
Our new online sheetmusic shop run in partnership with one of the UKs largest music distributors can supply a huge selection of music of all styles and for all instruments with particular emphasis on music for wind instruments. Over 100,000 titles are listed and it is very easy to search so have a look now!


Leading UK wind instrument technician Graham de Vere White has his workshop at the shop and is normally here on Tuesday (ring bell on side door), Wednesday and Thursday 10.00 -  6.00 and Saturday 9.00 - 2.00.   He can be contacted on his direct line 01462 421402.  

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Price increases continue to arrive at a rapid rate as always we make every effort to keep the web site up to date but there will inevitably be prices that are not up to date.

We only have in stock a small selection of the listed instruments and accessories so please check before making a special journey!
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